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" Canadian artists have a wide variety of landscape and natural surroundings to work from. My 2010 studies have been purely landscape based, much of which has been inspired by the North Okanagan's Commonage and Predator Ridge areas.

I've been reinterpreting with more energetic lines, almost expressing an urgency I see in the Canadian landscape. The tradition of Canadian landscape is one of plein air painting similar to world landscape art from the 1900s. From this Canadian landscape painting tradition I bring a method of seeing to memory. Soon I will work mostly in the studio to investigate the landscape's authority and place in contemporary Canadian art practice. "

On this page is a sampling of 2010 Canadian art paintings. For inquiries about a larger selection please contact using email below.

Predator Ridge Foggy Morning, 2010 Oil on Canvas - Okanagan Artists, River Lewis, BC Canadian Contemporary Art in British Columbia
Predator Ridge Foggy Morning, Oil on Canvas, 24x24 2010 
Commonage Ravine Eternal Vessel, 2010 Oil on Canvas - Okanagan Artists, River Lewis, BC Contemporary Art
Commonage Ravine - Eternal Vessel, Oil, 24x24 2010 
Ucluelet Kelp Pool acrylic paint sketch British Columbia Painting - River Lewis Canadian Artist
Ucluelet Kelp Pool 1, Acrylic on Canvas, 10x8 2010 
Kickwillie Loop at Kalamalka lake acrylic sketch - North Okanagan BC Canadian Art - River Lewis British Columbia Canadian Artist
Kickwillie Loop Kal Lake Coldstream, Acrylic, 10x8 2010 
Escape From Media Portrayal, Assemblage by River Lewis Okanagan Artists
Escape From Media Portrayal, Oil on Wood, 63x45 1993-2010    
Commonage Grasses Thousand Years, 2010 Oil on Canvas - The Commonage by Kekuli Bay, Okanagan Artists, River Lewis, BC Canadian Contemporary Art in B.C.
Commonage Grasses - Thousand Years, Oil, 24x24 2010 

Disclaimer: Actual artwork may vary in colour and design from photos shown. Les ouevres d'art actuel peuts variees en couleurs et designe compares avec les photos de site web.
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