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Canadian Contemporary Art - River Lewis Drawings Intro  2010  2011  2012  2013

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" Drawings in 2013, internally-sourced oil pastel and ink drawing work from 2012 continued. Additionally a new track of text-based work began as a canadian artist's investigation of belonging and universal equilibrium. My text-based work here relies on administrative memory recall as an art process, begun in 2013, with externally-sourced text as the primary visual element. "

On this page is a sampling of 2013 Canadian artists drawings. For inquiries about a larger selection please contact.

Equinox Event 1, Oil Pastel on Paper
Equinox Event 1, Oil Pastel on Paper, 25x19 2013
Equinox Event 3, oil pastel drawing Canadian Artists
Equinox Event 3, Oil Pastel on Paper, 14x10 2013
Composite of Two Drawings (Control The Money and Vancouver Parks Board Emergency Meeting), Oil Pastel and Graphite Drawing
Composite of Two Drawings, Oil Pastel/ Graphite on Paper, 38x50 2013
21st Century Convenience Culture, oil pastel drawing Canadian Artists
21st Century Convenience Culture, Oil Pastel/ Graphite on Paper, 57x50 2013
Myself Disappearing No. 4, Canadian Fine Art by River Lewis
Myself Disappearing No.4, Oil Pastel on Paper, 19x25 2013
The Idea of Birds, oil pastel Canadian Artists
The Idea of Birds, Oil Pastel on Paper, 19x25 2013
Twin Bird Recon, Ink on Paper Drawing by River Lewis
Twin Birds Recon, Ink on Paper, 6x9 2013
Monday January 18, 2021
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