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Canadian Contemporary Art - River Lewis Drawings Intro  2010  2011  2012  2013

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" Drawings in 2012 included some graphites on Gabriola Island, as well as ink drawings on the twins theme. I continued to explore the commonage dry brush landscape and introduced twin birds.

A journey theme continues, the ressurection of self-determination that sees Characters carry their search to feel belonging into The Gallery. Often the characters to not enter the picture plane, but are nevertheless nearby. Artifacts and waste we have all seen give evidence of their travels. "

On this page is a sampling of 2012 Canadian artists drawings. For inquiries about a larger selection please contact.

Myself Disappearing No. 1, Canadian Digital Art by River Lewis
Myself Disappearing No.1, Digital Drawing Manipulation, 8x10 2012
edition 2/10
Men Contemplating, Canadian Graphite Drawing, Artists River Lewis
Men Contemplating, Graphite on Paper, 8x12 2012
Untitled Graphite Drawing, Gabriola Island BC, Canadian Digital Art by River Lewis
Untitled Drawing, Graphite on Paper, 8x12 2012
Regain de l'Amour/ Death of Love, Oil Pastel Drawing, Canadian Artists River Lewis
Regain de l'Amour/ Death of Love, Oil Pastel on Paper, 19x25 2012
Twin Birds Origin 2, River Lewis BC artists, oil pastel drawing
Twin Birds Origin 2, Ink on Paper, 6x8 2012
Watchers 4 Study,Ink Drawing, Artists River Lewis
Watchers 4 Study, Ink on Paper, 6x4 2012
Monday January 18, 2021
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