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Canadian Contemporary Okanagan Artist Bio - River Lewis Canada
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River Lewis Okanagan Artist

One of Lewis' first artistic memories is drawing at the Musee des Beaux Arts, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts when he was five years old. It was a very intense time politically in the cities of Quebec - quite the opposite of a child's interest in things fine and beautiful.

Lewis trained in academics including anthropology while living in Vancouver as a young adult. There, he rediscovered his visual arts passion and completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) at the Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design (now the Emily Carr University) and moved to the Okanagan in 1992.

" When I lived deep in the cities of Montreal and Vancouver it was rare to see the tangle of development and nature. I heard about it everyday, but it was like a rumour. "

Lewis' current visual art practice as a Canadian artist involves exploration of Belonging and visual study on the authority of the common landscape in contemporary art through use of landscape metaphor to decode differences between external real and internal real.

Friday February 26, 2021
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