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Canadian Contemporary Art - River Lewis Paintings, Drawings, Photographs and Digital Media by toronto artists
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River Lewis engages and explores the politics of Belonging through visual and written study on the authority of landscape storytelling in Canadian contemporary art.

Survivalism, pop metaphor and commonality are his chosen allegorical tools which result in intensely charged and provocative imagery. For the audience, this alluring content paired with literal text elements walks a line between intellectually accessible and visceral experiences.

Extending beyond the simplistic outlines of a multi-racial background, River Lewis flags global current events, utilizing literal text in his artworks to deliver viewer accessibility while simultaneously framing and dissecting visual poetry.

  " The world in perfect #balance, I find I'm not searching to belong, or for the meaning, but to access the #feeling of #belonging. #loveart "

   @riverlewisart, 2012.

Canadian Contemporary Art - Paintings by River Lewis canadian artist
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Canadian Art - Drawings by River Lewis okanagan contemporary artists
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Contemporary Canadian Art - Digital Works, limited edition prints by River Lewis Canadian visual artist
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Canadian Contemporary Art - Photographs by River Lewis British Columbia Canada Artist

Canadian artist River Lewis creates abstract narrative artworks in oils, acrylics, ink, digital media and three dimensions. River has exhibited across Canada. As a canadian artist, River previously captured natural scenery in the Okanagan region of British Columbia producing lyrical paintings and drawings that interpret the complex skies and challenging landscape.

Friday February 26, 2021
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